• How to find us?

Centre for Rehabilitation is situated on Campus Borongaj which is a former military complex.


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Public transport
• tram lines 2, 3, 13 from the direction of the main square - Vukovarska street, get off at the tram station Čavićeva (one tram stop before final stop Žitnjak) Bus line 236 from Čavićeva to Borongaj Campus (get off at the second station)
Bus line 236 from Čavićeva to the Campus from Kvaternikov square, get off in the main porte Campus and then bus line 236 Čavićeva - Campus Borongaj

By Car
• From the west - the Vukovarska and Čavićeva street to street Vukomerec Savudrijska turn in the street and the entrance to the Campus
• From the east - street Vukomerec to Savudrijska street and the entrance to the Campus

Units of the Centre for Rehabilitation

• Education-Rehabilitation Support Unit

• Adult Communication Disorders Unit

• Hearing Impairments Unit

• Visual Impairments Unit

• Autism Spectrum Disorder Unit

• Early Psychomotor Stimulation Unit

• Psychotherapy Unit

• Early Communication Unit

• Developmental Assessment and Support Unit

• Sensory Integration Unit

• Speech and Language Pathology Unit

• Risk Prevention and Juvenile Counselling


• Experience Lab


For families


Clinical practice


Training / education